Qi deficiency stomachache food products

Qi deficiency stomachache food products

Radish is cool and sweet.

Although it can reduce the accumulation of stagnation, but it is a substance that breaks gas and consumes gas, and long-term eating damages the righteousness and stomach qi.

Its son’s name is radish seeds, and its medicine name is Lai Lingzi.

“The Materia Medica from the New” warned: “Weak people will be subdued, asthma is difficult to breathe.

“The Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary” states: “Patients with qi deficiency should be cautious.

The stems and leaves of radish are commonly known as radish radish. The folk also eat it as a vegetable and also have the effect of digesting and regulating energy.

“Pieces of New Ginseng” said: “Patients with weak qi and weak blood are supplemented.

“Those who suffer from qi deficiency and stomachache should also avoid it.

  Hawthorn dissipates gas and consumes gas. If you eat more for a long time, it will hurt your stomach. For example, “Suixiju diet spectrum” said: “Eat more gas and consume, and avoid it after illness.

“Zhen Zhenheng, a well-known doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, also pointed out:” Hawthorn, the power to digest diet, . take more of it, and counteract the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, those with qi deficiency and stomachache should especially avoid eating.

  Betel nut is a southern fruit that consumes gas.

As stated in “The Materia Medica”, “Betel nut, Jiufu is detrimental.

“Ben Cao Zheng” also said: “It is extremely fast.

“Because of this,” Ben Cao Jing Shu “has long warned:” Patients with qi deficiency should avoid it, and lack of qi, . know what to avoid.

“People with qi deficiency and stomachache must not eat.

  Kumquats are warm in nature, sweet and sweet, can regulate qi, reduce phlegm, and digestion, but long-term eating more food has the disadvantages of suffocating qi and breaking qi.

Therefore, it is only suitable for those who have accumulated stomachache, and those with weak stomach and weak stomachache should avoid it.

Kumquat cakes with kumquat and sugar are called kumquat cakes, and those with qi deficiency and stomachache should not eat more.

  Great persimmon fruit, eat more stomachache.

“With the rest of the diet spectrum” said: “Everything that is debilitating in the cold, . are forbidden.

“People with weak stomach qi often show debilitating stomach pain. There are disadvantages to eating, but no benefit, so be cautious.

  Mint-like cool flavor, “Ben Jing Feng Yuan” pointed out: “Long servings for a long time is debilitating.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” also warned: “Spicy incense, the weak is far away.

“Thus, those who are weak and have a stomachache should not take long servings.

  Hot and spicy pepper, consuming air and diffusing food.

Medical doctor Wang Shixiong of the Qing Dynasty believed that pepper had the disadvantage of “more food and gas consumption”.

The famous doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Danxi, once said, “Pepper is dry and fast to eat . If you have a long time, you will be greatly injured.

“For those with qi deficiency and stomachache, it is better not to eat.

  In addition, those who have qi deficiency and stomachache should also avoid eating loquat, bitter gourd, broad bean, snail loquat, loquat white, cardamom, loquat white, cardamom, Ophiopogon, etc. which are used to break gas and consume cold and cool the stomach.