Industrial and Commercial Bank of China used the wisdom power to let the epidemic surpass the AI

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China used the “wisdom” power to let the “epidemic” surpass the “AI”
Since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store has thoroughly implemented various financial service work arrangements during the epidemic between the central and higher party committees, based on the technological advantages of smart outlets and promoted the epidemic in special periodsStrict prevention and control, customer service warm heart in place.The outlet targeted the introduction of epidemic prevention and semantic training to the robot service team, allowing robots as special members of the hall service team to play a prominent role in their own services. At the same time, the new intelligent equipment of the outlet can achieve most banking services.The self-service management of the customer greatly reduces the previous direct contact between the customer and the bank staff, and protects the health and safety of customers and employees.  Greeting and answering customer business inquiries is the main function of the robot “Xiaorong” to replace customer service staff in the lobby.In special periods, it also focuses on reminding customers to reduce outings and protect them, and recommends customers to use mobile banking, online banking and self-service channels for business without leaving the house.In addition, it can also dispatch “light business robots” to carry out simple business for customers at any time.”They” who are not afraid of viruses have become the first line of defense to isolate the epidemic.  The self-service machines of the ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store use remote communication, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, and are equipped with new types of intelligence such as remote collaborative intelligent teller machines, intelligent material management, self-service printers for business licenses, and self-inquiry machines for personal credit reports.Service equipment can provide customers with convenient, efficient and comprehensive self-service experience.Among them, the remote collaborative intelligent teller machine has voice navigation function, try to say “forgot password”, “check balance”, “open face” and other instructions, the system will automatically evoke the processing interface, some transactions through the face, scan the code to verify identity informationIt can be carried out, and most of the non-cash business of the bank is completed here, which is simple, convenient, fast and safe.In the process of business processing, you can also call remote seats at any time to provide customers with one-to-one business consulting, operation guidance, remote authorization and other services to minimize the possibility of virus cross-infection at close range.Intelligent property management is the first intelligent physical management station based on online and offline integrated operation, which provides a safe and warm physical delivery place for booking customers. At present, it can collect the precious metals and foreign currency notes for appointments.The entrance design can only enter one person at a time, which effectively avoids crowd gathering and achieves a safe separation distance.  Together we can overcome difficulties.The ICBC Beijing Financial Street Smart Bank flagship store will further leverage its “wisdom” advantage, strengthen its responsibility, do all it can to prepare for financial services, and contribute to the fight against epidemic prevention and control.