Six Methods of TCM Support for Female Nourishing Blood

Six Methods of TCM Support for Female Nourishing Blood

Women use blood as their physical characteristics, such as menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, which tend to consume blood, so the female body is relatively vulnerable to blood deficiencies.

Just like “Lingshu?

“Five Sounds and Five Flavors” said: “In a woman’s life, there is more than Qi, not enough blood.

“So, women’s health care should first attach importance to maintaining qi and blood.

Blood foot can make the complexion rosy and beautiful, normal menstrual blood and strong spirits.

If you are not good at nourishing blood, you will be prone to pale and pale, pale lip nails, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, withered limbs, less menstrual blood, delayed menstruation, and thin tongues.

Severe anemia is also prone to premature wrinkles, early whitening, and premature aging such as early menopause.

  Shenyang Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that if the mood is unsatisfactory and the liver qi is depressed, the blood will be most easily consumed.

Therefore, women must have a peaceful mindset, maintain a happy mood, and be cheerful and optimistic about maintaining qi and blood. It can enhance the body’s immunity and benefit physical health. At the same time, it can promote more vigorous hematopoietic function, make the complexion rosy, regulate menstrual blood flow, and have ample metabolism.
  Sleeping and living life rules, sometimes living, combining work and rest, moderate entertainment, and sex life, especially to ensure adequate sleep, quit smoking and drink less alcohol, to ensure women’s physical health, make menstrual blood flow more smoothly, delayAging, consistency is very important.

  Active fitness often participates in physical exercises and outdoor activities within its capacity (at least half an hour a day), such as walking, jogging, swimming, playing basketball, dancing, aerobics, etc., not only increase physical fitness, disease resistance, and continuously strengthen peopleHematopoiesis.

Especially for women who have just been born, they should carry out fitness exercises, so as to help restore the body shape as soon as possible, reconcile menstrual blood, and prevent premature aging.

  Combining rest and rest with rest, moderate work and rest is an important guarantee for health.

Therefore, while knowing sports, you must also know rest.

Especially when working for a long time in a noisy and chaotic environment, or severely overtired, or in a more upset mood, you need a quiet environment to recuperate, or sit alone, or close your eyes, or listen to music, Or painting, or weaving, etc., completely achieve peace of mind, calm the body, restore brain fatigue as soon as possible, in order to prevent injury and worry about injury to blood.

  Food to nourish the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and is the source of qi and blood biochemistry, so it is necessary to understand diet to nourish.

First of all, we must pay attention to maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach and a strong appetite. We must not only have a diet, but also understand the treatment of spleen and stomach diseases.

  Second, eat more “hematopoietic” foods, especially reducing high-quality protein, essential trace elements (especially iron), nutritional foods such as folic acid and vitamin B12, such as soy products, animal liver and kidney, and animal blood, Fish, shrimp, chicken, eggs, jujube, brown sugar, black fungus, mulberry, peanuts (preferably eaten raw with red skin), black sesame, walnut kernels, and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Patients with medicinal nutrition who have severe blood deficiency or who have menstrual irregularities and other chronic wasting diseases, in addition to the timely treatment and nutrition of known chronic diseases, should also substitute medicine supplements.

The medicines commonly used to nourish qi and blood are mainly astragalus, ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, white peony, cooked land, salvia miltiorrhiza, shouwu, chicken blood vine, medlar, gelatin, jujube, longan meat, black chicken, etc.

The commonly used recipes for nourishing qi and blood are Siwu Tang, Baoyuan Tang, Ginseng Guipi Decoction (pills), Ginseng Yangrong Decoction, Shiquan Da Bu Tang (pills) and so on.

You can also use ginseng, codonopsis, angelica, wolfberry, astragalus, jujube and other medicinal and food supplies to prepare various medicated diets (such as medicinal porridge or black chicken, pigeon pot, etc.).

In addition, various western medicines with blood-enriching effects may be taken for treatment.