How to become a good woman

How to become a good woman

Feelings are a very complicated thing. Two people want to get along well, and they need mutual care and tolerance.

But no one is perfect, noisy and noisy between lovers, how to strengthen their feelings and maintain the relationship between the two parties is a required course for everyone who enters the relationship.

  How to get each other’s love and gradually deepen each other’s feelings?

Many good men and women believe in this pursuit.

However, in the real emotional world, the behaviors of many female friends are extremely irritating, even disregarding the psychological endurance of men, showing their authority too strongly, so as to cause damage to each other’s feelings, which is not conducive to the continued relationship between men and womendeepen.


  Even trivial things can make a woman toss into a stormy event.

Occasional coquettishment is okay, but if the behavior is unreasonable, it is a headache for men.

Between right and wrong, women’s desire to clearly argue is obviously higher than men’s, but please don’t bring this desire into your love life, your eloquence will only let him wipe your ignorance and stubbornness, except for these twoOr, a man will not give you a good evaluation . If you are angry, you will scatter.

  There is no consciousness of tolerating the other party, even the other party is your lover.

For the many things that happen between men and women, the points are too fine, love and hate may be instant, too careless and not good.

Although love is brave to love, hate to be resolute, but for a lot of violence and violence, women still do not fight back in this way, because between two people, a little meaning means a circleThere is also a lot of room . wrong choice method.

  Even if there is a misunderstanding with a man, do not stimulate it in another way.

This is the stupidest method, not for a very woman, and it is definitely not good to treat a man by stimulating his self-esteem.

A man’s androgen will never let him fall into shame in front of another man. If you think this kind of stimulation can bring you his love, then you are very wrong, his heart will onlyIt ‘s getting harder and harder, and in the end, you can only put on hate . If it is indeed the most unwilling thing for men, then why should women do it regardless of it?

We see that some women in life ignore the consequences of these things, and only care about the pleasure in front of them, which makes men feel tired of this relationship. Such regrets can be completely avoided.

So I hope that everyone will improve their behavior after learning the information introduced.