People who are losing weight are particularly hungry. The more they lose weight, the more they are very embarrassing. However, the trace amounts of fatty acids in meat products are more, and the trace amounts of fish foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids.There is a better cholesterol-lowering effect.

Therefore, obese people can choose to eat fish, which can effectively reduce the trace amount of replacement.

In particular, cardiovascular disease can cause heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

The consumption of fish can absorb fat in the fish and at the same time achieve therapeutic effects, and reduce the beneficial oils and fats to fight the body’s vascular disease to obtain blood pressure drop.

The following small series introduces you to the common practices of several kinds of fish. I hope you like it.

銆€銆€Tofu squid milk white soup: squid 400 grams of tofu 100100 grams of auxiliary scallions 20 grams of ginger 1 small piece of lard (refining) 1/2 tablespoon salt 1/2 teaspoon practice: 1, fresh squid, must buy live oh,I usually deal with squid myself. I am now eating 2, and the squid is cleaned. I need to remove the black film from the fish. After the pot is hot, use a ginger to wipe the pot to prevent the fish from sticking to the pot 4.After frying until golden brown on both sides, add boiling water 5. After the soup is boiled, remove the float and put in ginger 6, until the color of the soup changes to milky white, add tofu.

To achieve milky white, the key is to use the oil. When you eat the squid, you must put a little lard. If you don’t have lard at home, you can use two pieces of fat to make the oil and fry. Add salt and season.The chives are out of the pan.

銆€銆€Tofu with tomato sauce: tomato 2 lactone tofu 1 box of longan fish fillet 2 pieces of tomato sauce 2 tablespoons cooking wine 1/2 tablespoon pepper powder 1/2 teaspoon starch 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon parsley 1 chives 1銆€銆€Method 1, the Longli fish fillet is cut into pieces, the tomatoes are washed and cut into fine diced spare 2, the fish fillet is marinated with cooking wine, pepper, starch, etc. for 5 minutes 3, the pot is poured into olive oil, poured into tomato diced stir fryTo soft, add water to boil 4, lactone tofu with a knife to cut into pieces, pour into the soup 5, add tomato sauce, instantly evenly 6, and finally pour the dragon fish pieces into the boiled soup, boiledSeasoning 7, you can add a little pepper, sprinkle with coriander leaves or chopped green onion, you can eat it. Tips: Fish is a good food, but there are malignant tumors, lymphatic tuberculosis, lupus, stress, pediatric paralysisPeople with thromboembolic vasculitis, ulcers, acute measles, skin eczema and other diseases should not eat.