Fertilization should set a reasonable goal


Fertilization should set a reasonable goal

It has been thin since now.

When many friends meet, they like to say “Oh, how are you so thin” in a very exaggerated tone and expression.

Anyone who hears this sentence wants to flatten people. Everyone knows that it is very unreasonable to say that people are fat, and it is so indifferent to say that people are thin.

Do not care about the feelings of others.

Most people who are thin are dry skin, their hair is not shiny, their joints are prominent, their voices are not weighty, and for a long time, naturally they have more or less inferiority in their hearts; especially they are not used to showing small calves in front of others.

銆€銆€I really want to change myself and become a well-balanced and energetic figure.

Seeing those girls whose bones are round and round, they are always very envious.

So I always dreamed of what medicine, or what Chinese medicine doctors, or which of the body was opened, and the body suddenly rounded.

銆€銆€Finally found that this is indeed a dream.

No pain no gain.

Just like two days in this fattening forum, most people may just be blaming themselves, imagining, seeking psychological comfort (by comparison, finding that they are not the thinnest), but how many people are really preparingHave a reasonable lifestyle, and have been persisting for at least half a year?

Obviously, it is only those who have the perseverance who insist on exercising and eating enough energy every day to succeed in fattening.

銆€銆€Since, innately, we are thin, and we are destined to pay more than others to get the shape we want.

銆€銆€If you really insist on it, do it well, then talk about the problem that has no effect. I believe that even if someone does not increase in weight, it will at least feel that the body is gradually improving.

This is the key.

Weight is a number, the key is the state.

銆€銆€Many people set the target very well, 10 pounds a month, in my opinion, 5 pounds a month is too high, especially those who are congenitally weak and not easy to grow meat, it is too difficult!

Why do you have to be quick and profitable, and you have lost more than ten or twenty years? Why not give yourself a little time and increase it slowly through hard work?

The goal is too high, it will only make you feel frustrated and feel lost.

銆€銆€So starting today, we have a good habit of living, and we have already set this habit of living as a goal, rather than simply aiming at weight gain. In this way, it is not easy to give up.

Take 2 kg per month as the target, or even 1 kg as the target.

Slowly realized.

(I have 12 pounds a year, even if I have half a pound, I have 6 pounds.) I am not a very persevering person, but I decided to start formal fattening. Just like the above, give yourself some expectations, take time and slowly.

The first thing to do is regular exercise and diet conditioning, the only rule.

Everyone has a total of hip-hop!

銆€銆€The idea of two-way regulation is the same for fattening and losing weight. Except for those who are easy to fat and thin, the rest are hard to come.

People who look at it are basically not easy to fat, otherwise they will be fat after eating for two or three days.

It is also very dangerous to rely on drugs (except for doctors), so don’t be eager for quick success. Come slowly.

I basically don’t eat those high-calorie things like chocolate, energy bars, peanut chips, etc. Most people who are thin and thin are very angry. Eating these things is very burdensome and easy to get angry.

It is still necessary to start from conditioning the basic spleen and stomach, and to absorb and transport it well. Eating ordinary meals is very beneficial to the body.

Looking at those healthy friends, many don’t like meat very much. They like to eat green vegetables and drink water.

What does it mean?

The body is two-way regulated, and unhealthy eating habits can lead to two kinds of phenomena – (a) overweight or (b) too thin, not purely saying that if you don’t like eating, you will get fat.

So now the situation of being too thin may be caused by bad habits, some do not like to eat fruit, do not like vegetables, do not like to drink water.

The same is true for exercise, two-way adjustment, to adjust the body that is too fat and too thin to normal.

銆€銆€I like seafood and meat from a small habit. I don’t like green vegetables. I don’t even feel awkward when I don’t eat fruit for a week or two. Those healthy body friends can’t stand it without drinking water.What?

So life habits should change slowly, drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, exercise more, the body will slowly adjust over; decades of life habits lead to too thin, so slowly change lifestyle habits, do notPut your expectations too high and give yourself some time and you will feel the change slowly.

銆€銆€The two days are not regular, because I went out to play, and there is no reserve for food, but the yam porridge is still iron and can’t be eaten. It is the longest fattening diet plan.Can not be abandoned halfway.

The exercise lasted for two weeks and kept yoga three times a week. After getting used to it, you can increase the number of times.

Friends, if you are interested, you can also say how your heart is, talk about recipes, talk about sports, talk about effective small experiences, and also supervise each other.

銆€銆€I am looking forward to reviewing this article after I have been successful in half a year.

You can start with the first half of the year and follow up every day.

You can talk about your thoughts in the comments below.