If your bathing method is wrong, it may make you sick + short-lived!


If your bathing method is wrong, it may make you sick + short-lived!

The happiest thing in winter is to wash a warm hot bath. In addition to eliminating fatigue, it can also improve the quality of sleep and improve the metabolism of the skin.
However, if your bathing method is wrong, it may make you sick + short-lived!
Bathing caused many skin splitting and oozing out in the Yangzhou City, Ms. Wu increased the number of baths, excessive use of shower gel to clean the skin, destroying the protective barrier of the skin.

Eventually, the hands and feet were cleft, and there were more than 10 cracked small holes in the light hand and bleeding outside.

Mistakes in the mistakes you often make in the bath.

The hot bath time is too long, the bath surface is too long, and the surface of the skin loses its oil and fat, which causes symptoms such as dry itching, which in turn causes wrinkles or dehydration.

Suggestion: Bath for 20 minutes, shower for 3-5 minutes.

Misunderstanding 2.

The warmer the water temperature in the bath is, the better the water temperature in the bath will damage the oil on the surface of the skin and increase the degree of dryness of the skin.

It is about to increase the burden on the heart, and the blood vessels of the whole body are obviously expanded, causing a large amount of blood to flow to the whole body skin, resulting in hypoxia of the heart.

Recommendation: The water temperature and body temperature should be close to the bath.

Misunderstanding 3.

Use a cleansing shower gel and use a cleansing shower gel to aggravate the protective layer that damages the skin. When bathing in autumn and winter, choose a mild bathing product to reduce skin irritation.

Recommendation: The best choice for shower gel is alkaline and neutral.

Older people with itchy skin should remember not to use too hot water, but should wash gently with warm water (do not rub).

The water content of the older and older skin will decrease, the skin will become dry and itchy, so do not use hot water to stimulate the skin. Should you choose a white vinegar + glycerin to apply the whole body and wear cotton clothes to protect the skin?

Excessive bathing and bathing will wash away the oil secreted on the surface of the skin and the protective flora that normally parasitizes the surface of the skin. It is easy to damage the stratum corneum of the skin. The hard washing will also damage the fragile epidermis.The bacteria will also become devoid of skin infections.

Suggestion: How many times a week does the bath in the winter?
2 times is appropriate.

Misunderstanding 5.

The bathing sequence does not pay attention to the low temperature in winter, so that the blood vessels of human skin are in a contracted state. The warm water suddenly comes from the head, causing the human body’s regulating system to be 鈥渦nprepared鈥? causing the head and body skin to suddenly expand, and a large amount of blood is concentrated on the skin surface, resulting in a large amount of blood.Hearts, brains and other important organs are rapidly expanding, dizziness, chest tightness, etc., and it is impossible to find them.

Suggestion: Wash the feet with hot water before bathing. After the feet are warm, slowly pour water on the body, so that the body has a process of gradually adapting.

Misunderstanding 6.

Closed doors and windows when taking a bath Many people like to close the doors and windows in the winter bath, but if you use a gas water heater to bathe, this behavior can easily lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Suggestion: Do not close the doors and windows when you take a bath, keep ventilation, try to keep the bath for half an hour, the most healthy bath time, 2 hours after a meal, or about 1 hour before the next meal, it is appropriate to exercise and drink.Most people take a shower first is to wash their hair. This is the wrong order. The correct order should be like this: wash your face?

Take a shower?

Under what circumstances, it is not advisable to take a bath after eating. It is not suitable to wash a large amount of food. The blood is flooding into the digestive organs such as digestion. Immediately taking a hot bath, the whole blood vessels are dilated, and the blood circulation is accelerated, which will affect the digestive function.

It is usually recommended to take a bath after half an hour.

When it is not advisable to wash the special drought on an empty stomach, it is not possible to take a shower immediately.

Because of low blood sugar, bathing can easily cause syncope.

After short-term exercise, it is not appropriate to wash the exercise, the blood circulation is active, and taking a bath immediately will increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels. If you have just finished aerobic exercise, it is recommended to take a bath for more than half an hour.

After drinking alcohol, it is not advisable to take a bath after drinking alcohol, which may cause hypoglycemia, fainting, and even shock.

Drink a small amount of alcohol, take a bath for about 20 minutes, and rest at least 1 hour after drinking a lot of alcohol. It is advisable to take a bath after waking up.

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