Simple pregnant yoga helps you fall asleep

Simple pregnant yoga helps you fall asleep

Conceiving a child is a happy thing, but it is also a hard thing.

In pregnancy, in addition to emotional instability, poor appetite, and sleep well.

And getting enough sleep is necessary for pregnant women, so now I will introduce you to a few simple pregnant yoga that will help you sleep well.

  Frog-style relaxation of the lower back and waist muscles to help sleep!

  1.Lie on your back with your knees bent up to your waist, then place your hands on your knees.

  2.With breathing, let your knees open to both sides and stay for 4-5 breaths.

  3.Combine your knees and return to the first position.

  Simple torsion type For pregnant moms who suffer from back pain due to long working hours, this exercise can help you reduce the burden on your back.

  1.Lie flat on your bed with your hands completely perpendicular to your sides, bend your knees and arch your feet flat on the bed.

  2.Keep your upper body still, and slowly lower your knees to the right until your legs touch the bed.