Chinese Women’s Volleyball Peng Yuchang starred in Chen Zhonghe, youth peace officially unveiled

“Chinese Women’s Volleyball” Peng Yuchang starred in Chen Zhonghe, youth “peace” officially unveiled
On December 3, directed by director Chen Kexin, the movie “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” starring Gong Li exposed the youth “peace” version of the poster. Chen Zhonghe starred by Peng Yuchang debuted, and he and the previously exposed Lang Ping daughter Bai Lang played young Lang PingFormally assembled.The latest poster of “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”.In order to be close to Chen Zhonghe’s image, Peng Yuchang’s skin was “traumatized” by stylists, and the Fujian accent became his daily required course.In addition, Peng Yuchang admitted that “volleyball technology is the biggest difficulty.”Before the shooting, Peng Yuchang conducted a half-month volleyball training.In the formal shooting, there are redundant technical interventions: In a temporary increase in the scene, Chen Zhong and “Yuyue” are needed to save. Peng Yuchang repeatedly fell to the ground to make standard moves, after two hours of practiceIt finally succeeded and was recognized by the director and volleyball director.When Lang Ping first joined the national team, Chen Zhonghe was the accompaniment coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. The two met each other in the youth, and later transferred to the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Olympic champion.Chen Zhonghe, like Lang Ping, is a well-known meritorious coach in the history of Chinese women’s volleyball team. He transferred the Chinese women’s volleyball team out of the trough. During his coaching, he led the team to win the 2003 World Cup championship and the 2004 Athens Olympics championship.Between 2005 and 2008, the “peace war” between him and Lang Ping was also a legendary story in the volleyball altar.The latest poster of “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”.Little is known about his relationship with the Chinese women’s volleyball team and Lang Ping since 1979.In 1979, 22-year-old Chen Zhonghe was transferred to the national women’s volleyball team as a coach.During the “five consecutive championships” of the old women’s volleyball team, Chen Zhonghe has been behind the scenes and silently contributed to the glory of the women’s volleyball team.After the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the “three consecutive championships” for the first time, they were received by Comrade Hu Yaobang. Chen Zhonghe was praised and praised by Comrade Hu Yaobang: “You are an unknown hero!”The movie “Chinese Women’s Volleyball” will take the audience back to the 1980s, revisiting the lush years of Lang Ping, Chen Zhong and the two meritorious coaches.It is reported that the film will meet with audiences across the country on New Year’s Day in 2020.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Ming