Sean the Sheep Departs for Space Roaming 2019

Sean the Sheep Departs for “Space Roaming 2019”
● A tribute poster “Under the Skin”, “2001 Space Roaming”, “Gravity” and “Tianzhao” black-faced and white fluffy coat, with a toothy crooked mouth and a magical smile, who can’t speak but is covered in comedy stalks4 years back!The clay animation “Sean of the Sheep 2: The Doomsday Farm” (hereinafter referred to as “The Sheep of the Sheep 2”) produced by the Adman Animation Studio in the United Kingdom will be released internally on December 28. The film points out Shawn and friendsThey found the lost little alien Lulu on the farm (LULA), and Sean decided to send Lulu home with his friends.However, the mysterious agent from the secret organization noticed that he was on the grunt. In order to reunite the grappling with his family, the joyous adventure of Sean and his friends began.  The film is produced in the form of a stop-motion animation without lines, a simple and humorous English pastoral style, a sci-fi plot with a big brain hole, and the shaping of the distinctive characters of Sean the Sheep and other sheep and sheep partners.The film still continues the good reputation of the previous work, rotten tomato freshness 97%, watercress 8 points.Sauna Night has an exclusive interview with film directors Will Beecher and Richard Ferran to let them reveal the behind-the-scenes creations of Sean the Sheep.  The production of “Sheep Shaun 2” directly let the lambs fly out of the farm and city and into the universe.Director Beecher introduced that “Sheep Shawn 2″ took a total of five years, starting from a creative concept, to a development project, and then to pre-production, which probably took two to three years, and it will take two years later.”For the production deadline, we have no strict deadlines and will not be released immediately after the production is completed, so there will be a respite buffer period during this period.”Almost every day, the creators will have a” strange meeting “, sometimes people may feel unimportant, but in Beecher’s view this is the most critical link:” We will discuss the use of a certain color in the background, How do aliens hug, etc., both professional animators, will be specially made action models for characters.”It’s like making a one-to-one model for Lu La, you can observe her movements more intuitively, and the animators will perform the role movements together.  Frames: Sheep, the sheep, needs 35-70 frames to complete each action, and every clay stop motion animation movie will face this problem.Some are extremely subtle movements, and some are big scenes with dozens of characters like towns and farms.Beecher said that each animator will summarize a complete set of action flow before shooting, and at the same time, some other members will debug the action of each doll before the freeze frame to minimize rework. If something goes wrong, the entireThe action must be restarted.  Feeling feels that Ferran thinks Sean is interesting. He does n’t speak, has universality, and behaves the same in any country ‘s version.In fact, at the beginning, his design was very simple, and the positioning was a naughty and interesting little boy, like a younger brother, but after undergoing alternate creation and evolution, the image is more rich in three-dimensional sense, and his heart is more mature.”There are so many things you can’t imagine that a sheep will be a certain kind of thing. Put Sean in a specific situation, and the joy will naturally arise.””  预算  比彻说,对预算的统计对他来说是很复杂的事情,主创的主要精力都花在了创作上,“当然会有制作人和其他资方来告诉我们‘这里可以多花点钱,但是那里不行’,我们对花费的范围大概有数,但并不会花太多精力去精打细算。”A tribute because of the films in the Adman Studio, there has never been an alien and space. Butcher, Ferran wanted to think of a story that still happened in the world of Sean, but could bring the audience into outer space.They discussed the science fiction thinking of directors such as Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Christopher Nolan, and saw the science fiction movies of the 1950s and 1960s.”This film has both the elements of a science fiction movie and the unique retro comedy color of Sean the Lamb.”● The tradition of paying tribute to the blockbuster movies in the series” Eye of the Sheep “also extends to” Earn of the Sheep 2: The Farm of Doom “.The animated series has been aired for more than ten years, and there are countless tributes to classic movies, from “Trouble” to “Edward Scissor”, from “Star Wars” to “Great White Shark”, many eggs are taken from the film into the film, showingAnother wonderful look and feel.  ● The farmer woke up early in the morning to see the farm ‘s cropland circle, paying tribute to the niche science fiction movie “Tianzhao”.  ● Sean, the little sheep, drove the spacecraft into space, which surprised the astronaut who met them. The astronaut who was on an extravehicular mission paid tribute to “2001 Space Roaming”.  ● Sean the lamb took the alien to grunt across the roof, and even directly imitated “E.T Aliens.  ● Lamb IP has launched the British Adman Studios, including Super Invincible Head Dog, Chick Run, and The Magical Pirates. It is currently the largest stop-motion animation studio in the animated film market.Road one.Sean is a popular card in this studio. His debut appeared in the third “Razor Edge” of the “Super Invincible Head Dog” series, playing the male number three. This 30-minute stop motion animation took back the originalThe Academy Award for Best Short Film also made Sean the lamb popular overnight.As of 2017, “Sheep of the Sheep” has produced a total of 5 seasons of 150 episodes. It premiered on the CBBC channel belonging to the BBC in March 2007 and was broadcast in 180 countries around the world. The CCTV Children ‘s Channel was launched in 2012.The first and second seasons of the film were broadcast.  Writing / Sauna, Yehui Zhou Huixiaowan